Snuurg attacking two giant bugs with captive mouse, just in case you hadn't noticed

.....one of the things I used to be most commonly asked is what the heck is SNUURG - because I've always signed the majority of my artworks with it: the short answer is that it's my pen-name for anything art-wise, but a lot of folks aren't satisfied by that, wanting to know what it actually means; fair enough, I guess it's only popstars and supermodels who can get away with having one name and no questions asked.

Snuurg 1983 - nice tea-mug stain Snuurg 1983Anyway, the fact of it is, it's just the name of a character I've been playing, one way or another, for about twenty years now - that's as in role-playing - I'm not on about acting or schizophrenia: a little background? Well: I started with the character after some years of playing the Dungeons and Dragons game - as one of several replacements for a previously killed persona: up until Snuurg, none of the other replacements seemed to work too well - not to mention that they had been killed too - but the big grey fella fit into the niche just right. Amateur artwork ensued, shamelessly ripping off old marvel superhero poses and characters, with my style improving somewhat over the years as I continued to practice drawing: even so I re-hashed a couple of the same poses I'd already nicked, so quite clearly my shame-quotient was still lower than a snake's belly.

daft hat 1985Ridiculous armour seems to have been the norm for a short while, completely unwearable stuff that you'd never be able to actually move around in - anyway, this gave way to equally ridiculous helmets, before finally settling into plain old trousers and a sword and not much else, with the odd foray into furs and / or full plate mail as climates or occasions demanded.

Ouch, 1985 - oh, and the odd bout of skin-shedding brought about by walking across a desert with the group who made up the rest of the adventuring party: as it happens, having his skin burned off was slightly better than some of the others fared, but; in any case, as could only happen in fantasy, Snuurg's skin grew back just fine, not that he's particularly troubled about his good looks - speaking of which, you'll no doubt have noticed a change or two since the 1983 picture - first of all the loss of a nose, thanks to Snuurg's occasional associate Drofaels, another creature of the half-ogre race - who bit off said appendage in one of their frequent 'play-fights'; perhaps more obvious though is what's happened to his right eye - well, it's one of those things, you know - coming back from an outing one day, trudging through a swamp carrying one or two of the recumbent forms of the rest of the party, our lad was set-upon by a hydra which, while in the process of not dying properly just because Snuurg happened to have cut off several heads (yes, now I know they grow back!), went and chewed off half of Snuurg's face, eye and all, leaving him excessively not-pretty and a bit the worse for wear.

After finally doing the thing in, Snuurg went visiting the local mad warlock (there's one in every major town) - who, for a substantial gold-piece payment and a promise that there'd be no come-back if everything went horribly wrong, transplanted a demon's eye into the substantial cavity left behind, along with just enough demon-brain to make the thing work properly, as well as throwing in some demonic side-effects for good measure: for the most part it's a very commendable accessory - being stitched in place, and stitched open, the eye is always alert - so it's very hard to sneak up on our lad as at least part of him is always awake; the eye can also see perfectly well in darkness, and into several different dimensions besides the one that most normal folks are used to, so even things or people that would be otherwise invisible are out of luck. Meanwhile, what with having that bit of demon brain in there, there's the slight offset of having a few demon memories, thoughts, and really weird dreams going on, but all in all, you get what you deserve when you muck about with stuff like that.

Snuurg and 'NukeAnyway, things came to something of a head when Snuurg and company got mixed up in this huge semi-apocalyptic battle with this sort of demi-god Overlord bloke - it was unavoidable really because it had been prophesied that one of the other party members, Agrion Antares, would be the one to slay this guy: which he was, as it turned out - Snuurg missed the bit at the end, unfortunately, as he crash-landed in a field on the back of his 'pet' dragon Nucathe after not quite pulling off a flashy maneouvre while trying to avoid being shot out of the sky. At the time he was assumed missing, or rather dead, because the body was never found.

? - looking strangely pale, must be all those overhead lightsWhat actually happened though, was - well, I dunno, and neither does anybody else really - but Snuurg came to in an underground cave, discovering that he was apparently being carved out of stone by a dwarf dressed in a pink bunny-costume - and, upon emerging into the world again following an equally unexplainable series of weird events, came to find that somehow two hundred years had passed - and that, in the meanwhile, some magikal semi-armageddon had caused evolution to go so weird that now the animals of the world were walking and talking and so on: there were still humans, and Snuurg later found that his old associates were also still around - and doing rather well for a bunch of people with more than two hundred years each under their belts.

In the meantime though, it was quite apparent that he had a bit of catching up to do, to go about re-making his mark on the world and wreaking his particular brand of havoc and chaos on the place.

- oh, did I forget to mention that Snuurg is the bad guy? Well, just look at him - then go ahead and judge that book.


So, that's our boy at present.

I'm still playing Snuurg on an occasional basis, in this new age of what's become known as Wyrdworld, a play-by-mail adventure-universe run by my brother Ian at Fenris Games: I say occasionally because what with the time-consumption of real-world work and life, Ian doesn't get much chance to give up the necessary time needed to write it and run it all: but it's all still kind of happening, even if it is at present just in the world of the proverbial back-burner. I have otherwise been playing - in name at least - in a Dungeons and Dragons / Forgotten Realms PC game, which satisfies my gaming cravings to a great extent - one Neverwinter Nights - of a good number of similarly-styled games out there, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone with D&D leanings in particular, right along with the series of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games from Black Isle Studios. I'd also suggest checking out Morrowind and Dungeoun Siege; and you should definitely weigh up Rune for the Norse perspective - maybe I'm biased because of my Viking ancestry, but this is still one of my favourites - and then there's Severance too if you like your role-playing bloody-side-up; or, if you'd rather go right to the top of the power-ladder, get Black and White, and play god.

Anyway, I'll leave all that to you. Meanwhile, 'Snuurg' has lately become the registered trademark of all my art, and now he's even gone and got himself one of these new-fangled website-things.

dead meat, 1993

And yes, I am in the process of making the figure.


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