Warlord of the Damned

...well, I'm sure that plenty of influences are pretty obvious on this one - years and years of roleplaying of course, and the various rogues and runagates associated with such things; chaos, kaos, khaos, or whatever way you wanna spell it, and by whomever this week happens to be claiming they invented the idea of it all; various comics / comix; citadel miniatures as was; years of being obsessed with skulls and probably just bloody-mindedness in general........

- anyway, I simply built this guy as one of the first larger-scale (1/6th) figure-sculpts I ever produced, primarily just to see how the thing would turn out, and I'm showing it here just to use the sculpture as an example of my working capabilities: up to this point most of my figure / character works were conversions or scratch-builds of 25mm-scale figures for use in role-playing games; this piece is derived pretty closely from an existing design - from my point of view just a 'have-a-go' personal project for the purpose of trying my style at a larger scale: it's missing a couple of bits and pieces in the pic here, so at some point I'll have to get around to painting it up with all the necessary add-ons....

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...meanwhile, here's how the pro's do this sorta thing...



- just because - some of the baddest action figures ever created...

...eyeballs an' noses, all tied up wi' string, these is a few of me favourite things....

Auguste Rodin
Simon Bisley Brom Boris Vallejo
Frank Frazetta H R Giger Richard Corben

- some of these lead to some adult-oriented art, so don't click 'em if yer mum's lookin'....

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