giant treats for Cadbury World

The first of a series of projects for the planned re-imagining of Cadbury World: first up, the famous Cadbury's Caramel Bunny, intended as part of a shop-display for the selling of related products: the first step was to make a scaled-down macquette of the intended sculpture; this was then chopped into sections, and each section copied four times up onto foam, this being stuck together to form the basis of the 'life-size' version of the bunny; the foam, once glued, could be easily sculpted into the desired shape.

start of rabbit sculpture

Some finer detail and sculpture-work was achieved by the application of a little plasticene; the whole sculpt was then sealed, and coated with a spray-on resin. Slight changes in the design at this point necessitated a few alterations, which were carried out using milliput. The more slender areas of the sculpt were reinforced with steel rod.

Also shown here, the beginnings of work upon the tree against which the bunny is intended to sit: if you're wondering about the strange shape (among other things) of the tree itself, that's due to the fact that it needs to house a flatscreen monitor, and to have a working door in the front of the trunk.

rabbit and tree

Meanwhile, the bunny herself is finished and painted...

Here, the whole model as it was installed at the Cadbury World shop - along with another great daft bit of stuff, a giant Cadbury's Flake that we also made, which as you can see plays the part of a shelving unit. It very nearly didn't fit into the space provided.

You can also see now whay the tree was such a strange shape, as it had to be accommodated into a somewhat unusual display-area.

rabbit, tree, and giant flake


more of this sort of thing, please!

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