Crittercraft Gallery

the following gallery-pages show the majority of the pieces I created while producing my own range of works for sale to collectors of bird and wildlife statuary: many of the pieces were sculpted at life-size for the animal concerned, particularly the small garden birds in the first set of galleries: some of the moulds for many of these pieces still exist, so if you have any interest in such subjects, contact me at the e-mail link below; I suggest you also take a look at the snuurg's little workshop page to see how most of these sculptures were executed.

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bird galleries

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animal galleries

a somewhat smaller range of other wildlife subjects

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 This Site

following the works from Crittercraft, I also produced a number of wholly unrelated works for private clients and for my own new range of entirely unique character-figures: you can see these in the Miscellaneous Galleries, by way of the link below

miscellaneous galleries

miscellaneous galleries


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