life-size dinosaur head

- well, this is a sculpt undertaken some ten years ago or thereabouts, recently revitalised - first up, the original piece of clay-work - a sculpt based on information that was current at the time for the Deinonychus of the dromeosaur family.

the sculpt is layered in latex rubber, with a take-apart fibreglass jacket encapsulating the whole, creating a supported mould of the original that can be used for casting: a smaller-scale 'raptor looks on with interest...

the fibreglass cast, in several pieces, with the first steps of finishing-work already begun

the pieces are joined with further fibreglass work, and the eyes are added, allowing the last finishing touches to be made where a little extra sculpting is required to disguise the joins in the casting, and to fill and re-detail any holes or other imperfections that may have arisen from the casting process

- and then, with a nice paintjob and some new teeth, we end up with a somewhat fuzzy-focus finished product:

- but don't worry, better pictures will be along soon...

...matter of fact, here's a big old blow-up now - mind yer fingers!