hunter, forester, and sometime were-tree

Possessing a strange fascination for all manner of dirt and grime, Dreg is otherwise part hunter, stealth-fighter, and occasional user of magiks: one of his least-seen and most-boasted-of 'talents' is his apparent ability to turn into an animate tree-creature in times of stress and / or whenever he really, really concentrates on wanting to 'become'.

Dreg wears the remains of a human skin for a jacket, as a reminder. Nobody's ever asked what it's a reminder of. He also uses a skinned human head as a sort of satchel. Dreg has some very unusual customs about 'honouring' the dead, which it's probably best not to go into....

character name, concept and design ©copyright Steve Woodman 1996, sculpture ©copyright Jon Brumby 2002

figure height 145mm / 5¾" approx.

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