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The spawning-den of several alternate realities, populated by the many and varied denizens dreamed up by players and GM alike. The prime universes of this particular pack are those of Wyrdworld and MMCII, detailed a little further down the page.

Our Ian, Big Brother to yours truly, has been running these worlds - and several others besides - since the mid 80's or so: following our own interests in more 'usual' forms of role-playing, taken up over twenty years ago now, it was primarily a means of keeping up the habit while not being able to continue with the usual meet-ups for role-play sessions of our group due to the time-honoured traditions of leaving home and buggering off to college / university / whatever that we all ended up doing - thereby establishing the game(s) we had become used to in play-by-mail form, and opening up the worlds concerned to an expanding body of interested players beyond our humble bunch of five or so - and giving the games a heck of a lot more potential. At one point we even started developing a boardgame-version of the Wyrdworld game. Meanwhile, Fenris soon adopted a core of regular players, who have become part of the games' histories and legends: you'll find many of them mentioned a number of times in some of the samples from Fenris's irregular newsletter, Nightmares in a Damaged Brain.

At present the games are running - at such rate as spare time allows - with as full a complement of players as the GM can cope with after taking all other factors - work, life, home, and the pub - into consideration, but we'll keep you posted as to when or if things might get freed up again for the purpose of taking on further players: this is something Ian has always done in his 'spare' time, for precious little reward other than the love of good roleplaying, so it's not easy to consider taking on even more. We'll let you know, though. In the meanwhile you can find out more about play-by-mail games - and find other games too - by taking a look through the listings of The PBM Experience website.

Anyway, here's just a couple of brief outlines of the premier worlds of Fenris: click on the title-headings for a little more.....

admittedly, not the best ambassadors we might have chosen WYRDWORLD: a place where all of the animals have become talking, sentient creatures - and the humans, well, they're just the same as ever, if less numerous: but everybody's got the same opportunities, more or less, depending on whether you can get your paws on a sword, or something better: or maybe you'd be better off with magik, anyone can try it - not that its recommended, because it's got a strange sense of humour.

Think Beatrix Potter, then forget most of what you know: the animals are people-sized and bigger; add sex, violence, professional swearing, guns, swords, and more sex and violence, and you're getting somewhere close to what's going on - then throw in the odd armageddon, shameless movie-scene rip-offs, and generally very bad manners all round......

pumpkinhead MMCII: a century into the possible future; the world is a shining, steely paradise of perfect health and happiness on the surface, but underfoot is dirt, degradation, and desolation. Robots and cyborgs rub shoulders with humans and synthetics; cyberware and self-intelligent technologies are as common and as accessible as the 3-V television in every home: meanwhile, the divide between the rich and the poor has become so vast that their lives are led in effectively separate worlds - though of course there's always traffic between the two, going both ways: as the saying goes, careful who you step on when you're on the up........

check out some of the denizens of these worlds in the galleries:

MMCII Gallery

Wyrdworld Gallery



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