Fulto Brim

Uurth Shaman

Considered by many to be one of very few beings with a truly close association to Mother Uurth, Fulto is at times one of the more powerful sources and users of magik from amongst the ranks of The Created.

Generally a peaceable and affable character (or 'tree-hugging hippy' as some have called him), but reasonably well-able to 'kick arse' if the situation demands and if source-magiks are low.

character name, concept and design ©copyright Ben Moss 1989

sculpture ©copyright J. Brumby 2002

figure height 190mm / 7 ½" approx.

- the figure's been through a bit of a re-vamp lately, I was never quite happy with the little lizard and a couple of other things, so after a quick makeover and a new forest-setting, there he be...

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