.......built this big fella for my brother's girlfriend, but it's been getting a lot of interest from other folks besides, several of whom have suggested - well, insisted, pretty much - that I take moulds of it and make castings, specifically for them: this got me started on thinking that maybe I ought to get into the whole kit-building thing as well as doing the custom stuff, so I'm looking into it - not necessarily with this guy but certainly with some of the other works I've done; anyway, I'll get busy with all that as and when. If you're otherwise interested in kit figures and such though, you should check out the range offered by folks like J G Models and others besides - or type up something along the lines of 'garage kits' in your web-search whatsit and it ought to come up with more than a few ideas: I'll get around to doing a proper links page for all that sort of thing at some point, but right now I'm in the depths of CBA mode..........

Figure stands at 10" / 255mm approx



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