aardvark vampire-hunter

'First Axe' of a clan of warrior-surfers, Hardbark has a particular dedication to the eradication of all species of vampire - even on a par with his ancestors' more traditional pursuit of revenge against meltkind.

The surfboard carried by all warriors of the clan serves a threefold purpose: naturally it is held in high regard for its usefulness in the taming of the Uurth's oceans (the ancient term 'gnarly' figures greatly in all praises made of such devices) - but it also makes a very effective shield against attack ( all such boards being strongly-made and well-reinforced ) - and as last resort they can also be employed as a weapon should a warrior ever lose his axe or be unable to make effective use of his claws.

character name, concept and design ©copyright Ross Williamson 1996

sculpture ©copyright Jon Brumby 2002

figure height 230mm / 9" approx.

you can find more of Ross's work at the CartoonStock website.

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