While our main site - mcmodelmaking.co.uk - deals with our architectural works, we thought we'd splash out on a little page giving a few insights into some of the other sorts of work we undertake, just so you'll know we're not all about the business of buildings: the following will hopefully offer you a view of the wider scope of our work, without us having had to dive deep into the programming and redesign our entire site to retrofit all of these other bits and pieces. If anything here piques your interest, please contact us at enquiries@mcmodelmaking.co.uk or call/fax us on 01634 818539.

The images link to pop-ups that show the pictures at a larger size, if you need to get a bit of a closer look...

Museum Replicas

Our modelmakers have created props, artifacts, scenics and characters/creatures for a number of museum displays - as diverse as Viking-era cutlery and similar tools, to scale-sized and life-size dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals; sometimes as items purely for show, but also for interactive use where such requirements were necessary - hands-on models of historic interiors, scaled-down models of ancient settlements and fortifications.

Props, weapons, tools and furniture for historical set-pieces; character figures for small-scale models and large-scale street scenes; animals and livestock...

We strive to produce re-creations as realistically as possible within the given budget, sometimes incorporating similar or equivalent materials to those that might have been used in the construction of an actual item - where possible, or affordable.

Scenics and Product Modelmaking

Having been involved with prop-making and scenery work for both stage and screen, our team are capable of devising a wide range of designed items such as weaponry, tools, household items and other more incidental scene-dressing fare, street furniture, and so on - while also possessing the design skills to turn rough ideas into workable concepts and finished practical pieces - this includes the making of scaled-down visualisations showing how scenery might be incorporated and moved around within a given area, allowing clients to get an idea of how their ideas might be realised in the space available to them.

Such works have also given us a fine grasp of miniature scenics and modelmaking, and we have envisualised a number of major projects for large wargame-type 'terrain' models.

Three-dimensional visualisations of concept vehicles, at scale-size, half-size, life-size - from models that can be held in the hand right up to 1:1 representations of interiors and exteriors - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

Promotional Figures

Our sculptors have undertaken projects covering a wide range of subjects from game-screen to big screen, with experience in the production of scale-sized sculpts that might be used for action-figure considerations, toy prototypes, or other similar schemes - as well as larger-scale, life-size (or otherwise) figures in foam and fibreglass of the sort used in movie-theatre and gamestore displays - heroes and villains from the movies and the comic strips; cartoon characters from the classics, and from the current crop of modern advertising and media; classical and mythological subjects for themed statuary, animals and fantasy creatures - dragons, monsters, and so on.

We can produce such items in quantity if desired - smaller figures cast in resins, plasters, etc. for presentation-pieces or examples of short-run production-casting, and the larger figures reproduced in similar manner but obviously manufactured using light-weight-for-large-scale materials for the considerations of portability, with multiples of similar figures being utilised perhaps for small chains of stores requiring the same display.


As well as creating sculpts for several miniature-making companies, we can produce miniatures from scratch to many requirements - for multi-part manufacture, from 'green' to finished and painted item, and small-run production in resin or white metal, offering the necessary mouldmaking techniques required for limited multiple castings.

As with other figure-works and models, we can work to established designs, or conceptualise from rough sketches or descriptive text if necessary - hopefully the few examples shown here give a good idea of the possibilities - but failing that, take a look at our miniature-sculptor's own little site of things-made-small : miniaturemonsters.com

Interesting and unusual characters and creatures, monster-concepts, dinosaurs, dragons and other fantasy-animals, realised in painstaking detail - small is beautiful.

Nature and Wildlife

From small-sized works for the craft-market, right up to life-sized birds and beasts of the field, we can provide lifelike animals in a variety of media. Our sculptor's background in creating works for a number of collectibles-producers has provided considerable experience of this particular field.

Mock-ups for monumental-style beasts, miniatures for set-work and stage, pieces for anatomical/biological displays, and reconstructions of prehistoric mammals and birds, as well as contemporary ones of course...

The ability to produce such works at almost any scale has proven useful even in our architectural work, since many of our models are sited in areas that are home to exisiting statuary - reproductions of which are rarely available at just the size required for the model, if at all - so being able to create our own copies, in whatever dimensions we need, has been invaluable on a number of occasions.

Character Figures

Sculptures used to give three-dimensional form to character-concept visuals, of the sort often used as maquettes to give a more solid grasp of a figure 'in-the-round' for animation purposes etc.

Created either from detailed description or from existing sketches/finished artworks, such pieces offer a palpable physical representation of two-dimensional works, usually produced at a size that is hand-portable so that such concept-pieces can be easily picked up for closer examination.

Usually of an 'action-figure' sort of size, and generally sculpted in dynamic aspect to allow the character to be as imposing as is possible at such small scale.

Miscellaneous Works

Anything not otherwise covered in the pictures and descriptions already noted above: one-off commissions, unusual sculptures and concepts - if you can think of something, chances are we can have a good go at making it.

Surreal and peculiar subjects, things that are a little off the beaten track or otherwise beyond the bounds of what might be considered 'ordinary' themes or ideas.

Let us know what you're thinking, and we'll try to interpret your brainstorms - so long as you can communicate the idea in a way that's translatable to three dimensions, we'll do our damnedest...

We hope these few distractions have been of interest: if you feel an urge to know more about some of the processes involved in such works, please take a look through the modelmaking pages.