Mett-Aa the Fox


An accomplished sneak-thief and all-round rogue with a useful talent for practical magiks. When short of company he makes his own friends - puppets and playthings brought to life by the application of spellwork: Pinch and Punch are his two chief accomplices, animate glove-puppets that can do Mett-aa's bidding at remote distances and in small spaces; Corvus the crow, another magikal construct, can act as eyes and ears to scout ahead or behind from its overhead flightpath; then there's tidd-lerr, a living rubber snake-toy whose true usefulness has yet to be determined; and Bagsy - a grinning, talking, and apparently bottomless carry-bag where Mett-aa keeps all his other magiks and mischiefs.....

character name, concept and design ©copyright Merrick Durling 1986, sculpture ©copyright Jon Brumby 2002

figure height 220mm / 8 ½" approx.

wrought from the twisted id of Merrick Durling: see more of Merrick's art at the SGA illustration and design agency.


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All original artworks, drawings, sculptures, models and photographs, and any names, terms, or phrases originating in the text or logos appearing on this page or any other page throughout this website are copyright Jon Brumby 2002 unless noted otherwise.

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