a muckle of models

a selection of modelmaking projects completed while working for MC Modelmaking and/or Fenris Games - hopefully I'll update this space on a fairly regular basis, as and when we complete new projects, or whenever I manage to dig up some good photos of bits of older stuff...

these first five pieces cover a fairly typical cross-section of the sort of models we create: firstly, a rail-link planning model for Ashford town centre; secondly, a reconstruction of the Norman Fort at Rayleigh Mount; next, a proposal for a college/housing development in All Saints: click on any of the thumbnails to bring up a closer view.

these next two are life-sized sculptures; the first, of a baby - due to end up rather unceremoniously in a specimen-jar; secondly, a reproduction of the skeleton of John Merrick, known as the 'Elephant Man': both were used as part of the Curiosity Shop -style window display at the recently-opened Dickens World in Chatham.

- and last among the pop-ups for now, here's a recently-completed cross-sectional model of a proposal for a new overflow/drainage channel for the sewers running alongside the Thames river; and an older model showing the movable-vane roof design of the Theatres on the Bay in Singapore.

here's a few more bits besides, a couple of step-by-step sort of things and such - first of all, the process involved in knocking up a baseboard for a typical model:

next, a little something to show the lengths we sometimes have to go to in order to get just the right part for a model...

this is a topographical piece for a chap with the grand scheme of re-intoducing certain sorts of wildlife to the Highlands of Scotland by way of his expansive estate - still meeting much in the way of opposition, though it seems he's gradually managing to get a few of the desired critters into the compound

a bit of chocolate heaven now, some bits and pieces we've started on for Cadbury World...

cadbury's chocoloates

...another large lump of landscape, about to be marvelously spoiled by development - a bit of a conscience-pricker, this one:

mountains of madness

- here, a reconstruction of a Viking Burial find from Coppergate in York:

- and lastly for now, a grand bit of indulgence in the form of a life-sized dinosaur head, click the box if you wanna know more...