Nightmares in a Damaged Brain

back cover, Nightmares issue #18, by Ross WilliamsonWelcome to the guts of several issues of Nightmares, ripped out and summarily arranged like a bit of old-times' entrail-foretelling in the hope of giving the casual reader a little enlightenment - and possibly some degree of entertainment along the way - involving some of the daft stuff relating to the alternate reality of Wyrdworld, one of the premier parallels of Fenris Games. Click on the links to be taken away, so to speak.

Wyrdworld Cartoon the beginnings of a possibly never-to-be-continued cartoon strip showing something of the world so far.

OTT reports ...those were the days - when some of the folks involved in the games all had time to get together to play what we used to call 'Over-The-Table' sessions of the game - ie. basically like normal role-playing rather than the usual PBM format of the games: these are reports written by some of the players reflecting the particular games they took part in.....

Arfir Seeklark's Wyrd World discover some of the weird things going on in the weird world of Wyrdworld, through the eyes of one of its most recognised scientists......

The Karma Buzz an extremely brief history of the phenomenon behind the berserk frenzy, words and pix by Ross Williamson.

Mett-Aa Madness Mett-Aa the Fox's 'helpful' tips and tricks for survival in Wyrdworld.

Area Reports the last known accounts of events from the various regions of Wyrdworld, taken shortly before the great cataclysm of Diriminaxis....

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