Nightmares in a Damaged Brain

Nightmares issue #2The irregularly-scheduled newsletter for the participants / inhabitants of the various alternate realities of the Fenris Games 'universe', brought together in more or less (mostly less) monthly-ish instalments for the sake of...well, in the guise of letting the players know about what else might be going on in other parts of their 'world', and in other parts of some of the other worlds besides - including the real one - to help game-play, to encourage inter-player activity and co-operation (or as the case might be, to encourage players to have a go at each other in-character on the messages page, whether or not they might already be having a go at each other in the game they might be playing) the chance for the editor and / or whoever else to have the odd rant and just get things off their chest a bit, whether in character or not.

It was helped out too by having a few pictures in there, spawning the scrawlings of several budding cave-painters (including myself), of varying degrees of expertise - some of the contributors displaying hitherto undeclared talents (a few choice examples of cover-art appear below with credits due to their authors) - and more than a few articles and reports written by people other than the more regular contributors.

Clicking on the larger issue-cover will take you to a selection of bits and pieces culled from several issues' worth of gathered knowledge and nonsense. I suppose I ought to add an ADULT CONTENT WARNING before you go clicking away - not because there's anything very naked-lady-ish going on in there, but there's a fair bit of good old-fashioned anglo-saxon language crashing about the place: basically, if you think it all might get you in trouble with yer mum if she walks into your room while you're on here, don't do it.

Yeah, like that would keep anybody out. What it boils down to is, adults behaving like big kids, and not wanting the young 'uns to know how much fun it is to be able to get away with stuff involving swearing, drinking, guns, violence, and meaningless sex. In the words of the great sage, It's all b*****ks, innit?

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