chimpanzee champion

Peegee the chimp, a girl with revenge on her mind - see, her whole family was brutalised, tortured, murdered, and generally given a bit of a bad time of things by a bunch of Wyrdworld's resident mutants, leaving her with not much to do during the holiday season: naturally enough, she was a bit miffed at all this and decided to spend every waking moment (or at least, every moment that didn't involve eating, falling over things or falling off things, sheltering from the weather, picking her nose and scratching her bum - and all of the other little intricacies of a typical day -) hunting down and destroying the perpetrators of the foul deed.

So far, she has found one of the creatures responsible - mainly because it had fallen asleep near the cosy fire left by the burning-down of her family home - but hasn't had much luck otherwise as she isn't as such very schooled in the whole tracking-things-down skillbase, having relied instead rather more on the notion of simply killing every mutant she happens to meet and assuming that sooner or later she'll have her vengeance, even if only by 'accident'.

- if this seems somewhat bloody-minded, it should be pointed out that it is in fact quite a good thing to be killing off these mutants, as they're not generally known for their public-spiritidness, as it were - the pillaging of villages and such being their equivalent of a day at the beach building sandcastles - only in reverse, and involving much more murder and gore and death - and usually, no ice-creams or donkey-rides...

character name, concept and design ©copyright Sharon Nicholas 1990

sculpture ©copyright Jon Brumby 2004

figure height 150 / 6" approx.

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