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Mett-aa has been helping me out by keeping all these bits and pieces in his Bagsy until I got around to making them into a proper list: it took both of us to persuade Bagsy to give 'em back afterwards, but here they are at last, more or less in the order they were retrieved. Meanwhile, if you give Mett-aa a bit of a tickle he might let you in on a few more little nuggets of information.....

Anyway, the first of these are the companies I get in touch with most often for the materials, tools, and equipment I need for my works:

milliput official home of milliput, 'the epoxy putty with a thousand uses in modelling, DIY and industry'

Alec Tiranti Ltd Alec Tiranti Limited: tools and materials for modelling, carving, and sculpture: also stockists of books and videos on many related subjects

Hobby's Hobby's: suppliers of all manner of craft, hobby, and modelmaking tools and materials, doll's house furniture, and shipbuilding accessories

Panduro Panduro Hobby: stockists of every craft necessity imaginable and many you might never imagine....

the following are the kind of folks who do this sort of thing - and much more besides - as a proper job, if you came here looking for that level of expertise: there are other companies who do this sort of stuff I know, but I've made a particular inclusion of these few as I've always been impressed and inspired by their output - with the few lines of blurb I've written for them here I can't possibly do justice to the works they've produced, so get clicking on the linkydinks to find out more about all of 'em... Uncle Walt and all of his many many 'offspring', whether animated, or otherwise - go here to shop or look around, it's a small world after all.... Pixar: The digital genii behind such wonders as Toy Story (and Toy Story 2), A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc, and this year's Finding Nemo - not forgetting all their other works besides in digitally animated shorts and their considerable contributions to image and animation digitalisation as a whole.....

Warner Bros Warner Bros: Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Sylvester and Tweety - aw come on, you know the rest - the saviours of Saturday mornings. Quality capers. (does anyone say 'capers' anymore? maybe just me, then). - by no means last or least, this Disney-run site gives some details of the most recent works of supreme Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki: often odd, but always stunningly beautiful.... I'm sure the muppets need no introduction - they're all here, along with the veritable zoo of Henson's creations, their TV shows, the creature workshop, and more...

Cosgrove Hall Films Cosgrove Hall Films: you've probably seen many more of these than you realise - Dangermouse, Count Duckula, and The Wind in the Willows, to name but a few legends...

Aardman Animation Aardman Animation: Wallace and Gromit, Morph, Rex the Runt and other screen gems, and not forgetting a host of film, features, and advertising...

just for daft stuff and chuckles, have a wander over to one or other of these:

b3ta b3ta: collected nonsenses and sillinesses from around the world of the world wide web

Merv Skilton Merv Skilton: even more daftnesses to dally with, coupled with Merv's world-record 200-million hits attempt, go get clicking!

the rest of these links are for various toys, gifts, and collectibles companies, for those of you who've come here from my commissions page looking for something a little more immediate than I can offer: all of these links represent online stores, or otherwise give details of where you can find your nearest stockists...

Gremlynz Imports Gremlynz Imports: suppliers of kits and figures of all descriptions, to make yourself or buy ready-painted

MVMMVM Group: online anime store; lots of anime (and other) character-kits - again in make-your own or ready-made form

Handcrafted UK Handcrafted UK: fairly new on the scene, all sorts of crafted works for your consideration. come and check 'em out

Popcornlive Popcornlive: company stocking all kinds of action figures, plush toys, beanies, you name it: tv and film characters, comicbook icons, and so on

Hawkin's BazaarHawkin's Bazaar: fun and novelty items for all tastes and pocket-sizes, daft little gifts, jokes, and puzzles...

Hasbro Hasbro Toys: website of Hasbro toy products, games, and collectibles, plus links to local suppliers or toy stores

ToysRus Toys R Us: well known stockists for toys and games for all ages - lists local stores, or allows you to buy online

Gifts4Mengifts4menuk: anniversaries, birthdays, entertainment, leisure, promotions, special occasions, retirements, weddings... more gadgets and gizmos than you can shake a universal-remote-controlled stick at - clicking on the link will work much better, though! slightly more 'grown up' toys, or more truthfully, gadgets and such for the 'big kids' out there with their own credit cards

iwantoneofthose iwantoneofthose: stuff you don't need but really, really want.....

find me a find-me-a-gift: covering a wide range of gift ideas for all categories of those you might find hard to buy for - including yourself

Red Ribbon Gifts Red Ribbon Gifts: special somethings for the lady in your life - or for you, if you are the lady...

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