Wyrdworld Cartoon Strip

did you hear something?...the following few pages are the re-beginnings of a serialisation of Wyrdworld-so-far in cartoon-strip form I was 'going to get around to' at some point: this was the second set I'd done, the first lot having been of not much of a standard drawing-wise except for maybe the last page or two: I'm not so sure that this bunch were all that much of an improvement, which is probably why I reached sticking-point again; the plan was to do the whole thing right up to date, but we're talking ten-twelve-fifteen - however many years' worth of gaming to catch up with - so I might just go for doing the bits from the OTT-accounts (you can find 'em somewhere amongst the Nightmares details) - worth a read, since I might just never get around to drawing it all: but one of these days, one of these days.........

Anyway, click on the doomed lizard for the first page, and then carry on from there: the pics are anything from 400 to 600KB, so they might take a tick or two to download...

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