It all begins in darkness and silence: then flashes of dull colour, and muffled sounds - hoarse laughter shatters the quiet, and somebody chuckling: something about - a killer chihuahua?

Suddenly, feeling returns to your body - or perhaps its the first time you've ever felt anything - but it seems as if somebody is poking you, scratching - you open your eyes, and there's a dwarf, standing on a stepladder just in front of you, dressed in a pink bunny-costume and apparently attacking you with a very delicate chisel and hammer: though it soon becomes clear that what he's actually doing is carving you from the rock wall of some immense cavern: your emerging body is made entirely of stone, but intricately, perfectly detailed. You blink dust-chippings from your eyes as you watch the dwarf work: he looks up and winks at you, just as he makes one last, very definite strike with his chisel. Something gives, and you feel somehow as if you're falling forward, though you're completely immobile.

The dwarf pats your stone stomach, then turns and shouts to someone unseen,

"All finished on fifty-seven!",

and then steps down from his ladder, slipping his chisels and hammer into his toolbelt.

Just as you feel that your stone skin is beginning to soften, and that you're starting to get some movement in your limbs, you're hoisted away from the wall and carried towards a dark corridor, where someone lies you on your back and gives you a hefty shove: you feel something like rollers beneath you, and then you're blinking again as more lights flash and dazzle you. Darkness and silence engulf you again, and you feel suddenly as though you're falling.

And then.............................



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